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When very Good Friends of mine referred my latest Clients . . .  I was happy to be able to help them find their new home.


It was Feb 7th when we first met at our Friend’s 50th Birthday Party. I’d like to think we hit is off immediately. They had been disappointed with the Selling Agent of their home last September and were looking to buy as soon as possible as they needed to be out of their current home by May 15th.


These were no ordinary clients, they were Real Estate Market savvy clients, and they had been watching the market and knew what they wanted. I was just there to write up the contact. And so it began, they started sending me listings of what they would like to see. The 1st few listings had accepted offers or had already been SOLD, some in just 1 day. I had asked them what were they looking for and needed even more information to be able to find them a great house. I also learned quickly that things are done very differently outside of Vancouver. I never met a Real Estate Agent at any of the viewings. Everything is done by appointments. NO Open House, NO Seller’s Agent and I had to get a special card for the Lock-Boxes that hang attached to a door or fence or the meter. At Dexter Associates Realty we never use LOCK BOXES. We are always there to show the properties to Buyers and their Agents.


After a couple of trips out to Maple Ridge we determined that they really did not want to live there and soon we were looking in Abbotsford, Abbotsford East to be exact. The Market was also cooking in Abbotsford.  It took 4 trips and 13 viewings to find the Perfect House and we did and we had to act fast. The House was listed late on the Thursday, I saw it 1st thing Friday Morning made the appointment to view and we saw it at 4 PM, wrote the offer by 6 PM on their terms and my Buyers had a house by noon on Saturday March 21st and I was so happy that I was able to help them do it. They will be moving into their new home with spectacular views on May 3rd.


Buying or Selling, I will be there for YOU!

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